Commercial Loans

Hard Money Commercial Loans for the Capital You Need, Fast

When it comes to hard money commercial loans, Valley Mortgage Investments can provide the capital and financing terms you need. We offer hard-money commercial loans secured through real estate for business purposes. Our lending professionals broker and portfolio first trust deeds for commercial clients in Fresno, Visalia, Delano, and surrounding California communities. We are able to provide competitive quotes and fast approval that clients simply cannot. Contact Valley Mortgage Investments today to schedule a consultation about financing your commercial property venture.

What’s Unique About a Hard-Money Commercial Loan?

The Valley Mortgage Investments team is specialized in hard-money loans, also known as private-money loans. Our commercial property hard money loans place a valuation on the property that is purchased through the loan, rather than on the borrower’s financial status. This differs from a traditional commercial loan, in which borrowers provide extensive paperwork and tax returns as part of the approval process. We work with commercial investor partnerships and businesses to provide fast approval and funding so clients can execute deals with minimal hassle.

The Basics of a Hard-Money Commercial Loan

Like most types of hard money loans, the benefits of a private money commercial loan lie in the easy approval process and fast access to collateral. Our loan professionals will evaluate the worth of the commercial property being purchased as a source of collateral should a borrower default on the loan. Once we have determined the property value and agreed upon terms, we can quickly process the loan so clients can close, fast.

Hard-money commercial loans are designed as short-term loans. They have a higher interest rate than traditional commercial loans because they are a larger risk to investors and because they do not continue to accrue interest over many years, like traditional loans. At Valley Mortgage Investments, we help clients avoid excessive fees that are sometimes associated with hard-money loans. We do not charge up-front fees or prepayment penalties.

Specialty Commercial Property Loans

Some of our clients benefit from specialty commercial loans, such as blanket and bridge loans. Blanket loans combine two or more properties on a single loan, while bridge loans utilize the equity in an existing property toward a new purchase. We provide interest-only, partially amortized and fully amortized financing.

A Commercial Property Lender with Fast Answers

Valley Mortgage Investments has the competitive rates and fast answers you’re looking for in a hard-money commercial loan. We have long-term experience in the business, and we value long-term relationships with our clients. Whether this is your first time borrowing for a commercial venture or you have multiple properties and are looking for a continual line of credit, we can help. We offer financing in Fresno, Visalia, Delano, and neighboring communities. Contact us to get started today.