Agricultural Loans

Agricultural Loans for Long-Term Financial Success

Agricultural investments can provide long-term profitability and security. In most cases, traditional loan and refinance options prove ill-suited for an agricultural purchase or operation. The private money loans available from Valley Mortgage Investments provide the immediate capital required to purchase or refinance land, purchase new equipment or improve existing agricultural operations. Our professional lending team works closely with commercial agricultural investors to create loan portfolios that work for clients’ unique needs. We work with agricultural loan clients in Visalia, Delano, and Santa Clarita, CA, and surrounding counties. Contact us about hard money agricultural financing with flexible terms today.

Types of Agricultural Loans

Agricultural financing comes with unique challenges, as no two agricultural operations or properties are identical, especially in California. Our farm, ranch and agricultural packages can be used for many purposes. They include:

  • Agricultural Loans for Purchase – If you are considering investing in an agricultural property, the Valley Mortgage investments team has you covered. We will evaluate the property you wish to purchase to gain a better understand of its current and potential value. We provide competitive rates and loan-to-value (LTV) ratios for agricultural purchase, with flexible terms depending on your unique goals.
  • Agricultural Loans for Refinance – As a private hard-money lender, we have helped many clients reevaluate and refinance their existing agricultural loans for better long-term profitability. We can provide fast financing quotes so clients can explore their options.
  • Agricultural Loans for Equipment and Vehicle Purchase – Many of our clients choose hard-money loans to purchase equipment and vehicles that are essential and beneficial to their agricultural operations.
  • Agricultural Loans for Expansion or Improved Efficiency – In addition to agricultural loans for purchase and equipment, we can provide collateral for improved efficiency or expansion of your current operation. We also provide line of credit financing that can help you quickly adapt as your needs change in the future.

Our agricultural private money loans are a great option for many types of operations, including ranches, vineyards, orchards, dairy farms, livestock farms and more.

The Benefits of a Hard-Money Agricultural Loan

When it comes to a hard-money agricultural loan, there are a few unique characteristics of note. This type of loan, like all hard-money loans, is fully funded through private lenders. The terms and approval requirements for this type of loan are heavily based upon the loan collateral (the farm or other agricultural property) rather than on the borrower’s financial state. That is, this is a type of asset-based loan. Hard-money loans generally have higher interest rates, but they rely on collateral, rather than a borrower’s financial status.

Getting Started Today with an Agricultural Loan

We can provide an agricultural loan quote with no up-front fees. Our private lending group offers hard-money loans with the flexible terms and competitive rates you seek. We serve clients in search of agricultural loans in Visalia, Delano, Santa Clarita, and surrounding cities. Contact Valley Mortgage Investments today to schedule a consultation about your financial goals as a commercial property investor.