Fix and Flip Loans

Fix and Flip Loans for Your Rehab Investment

Whether you are a first-time property flipper or a practiced real estate fix-and-flip investor, Valley Mortgage Investments has the capital you require. Our private money fix-and-flip loans and credit lines provide the financing clients need to get started. Our lending professionals work exclusively with local business-purpose loans, and we can provide fast answers that big banks and other lenders simply can’t. If you are considering a fix-and-flip opportunity in Delano, Santa Clarita, San Luis Obispo, or surrounding California communities, contact a Valley Mortgage Investments professional today.

An Unconventional Financing Option

As a private lender, Valley Mortgage Investments can provide individualized fix-and-flip loans to our real estate investors. In most cases, conventional mortgage options do not make sense for short-term purchases like fix-and-flip properties. We provide hard money financing, which have a higher interest rate up front, but can be approved faster and with more flexible terms.

While traditional mortgage loan approvals are weighted heavily based on clients’ credit scores, financial history and tax returns. Private-money loans, conversely, are approved with strong consideration toward the property that is being purchased. The Valley Mortgage Investments team will use a property valuation to help determine loan limits and interest. In the event that you default on your fix-and-flip loan, the financed property is used as collateral for repayment.

Unique Benefits of a Fix-and-Flip Loan

There are many unique benefits and to enjoy from a private -money loan for fix-and-flip property from Valley Mortgage Investments.

  • Financing for many types of fix-and-flip properties, including single-family homes, mobile homes, townhomes, condos, apartment complexes and more.
  • Complex financing options for continuous access to capital. We partner with many clients who work on several fix-and-flip projects at once, and can provide open-ended financing and credit solutions.
  • Fast approval with no up-front fees, FICO requirements or down payment on certain loans.
  • Available blanket loans for two or more properties on a single loan.
  • Available bridge loans using equity in an existing property as collateral for new purchase.

Let Us Be Your Fix-and-Flip Lending Partner

Quick access to a large amount of capital is essential for a fix-and-flip loan. Property with rehab potential can sell quickly on the market, so fast approval is a necessity for investors. Valley Mortgage Investments values our personal relationships with our investor clients. We work hand-in-hand with you to help you get moving on your purchase and renovation properties. Contact us about fix-and-flip loans in Delano, Santa Clarita, San Luis Obispo, and surrounding communities today!