Rehab Loans

Rehab Loans that Deliver Capital When You Need It

The financing pros at Valley Mortgage Investments provide commercial property financing to clients in a unique niche of the real estate market. Our hard-money lending solutions are asset-based loans that weigh the value of the property being purchased heavily during our approval process. When it comes to rehab properties, we can provide the fast capital you need to pick up the right property at the right time. We work with commercial rehab borrowers in San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Fresno, and surrounding California counties. Whether you are a long-time rehab property investor or are just getting started, contact us today to learn more about rehab loans.

What’s Different About a Hard-Money Rehab Loan?

Hard-money (also known as private-money) loans differ from traditional mortgage loans in several ways. They are funded entirely through private investors and have more flexibility than traditional loans through big banks. Hard-money lenders are most concerned with the value of the existing property and its potential rehab value, rather than focusing on a borrower or borrowers’ financial situation. The valuation of the property serves as collateral for a private-money loan. This type of loan usually does not require that potential borrowers submit tax returns or extensive financial paperwork for approval.

Hard-money loans make sense for certain rehab properties, because they are short-term loans. While borrowers do experience a higher interest rate for hard-money vs. traditional loans, they are able to receive much-needed capital, fast. With the right rehab plan, clients can make great profits from a rehab property once it is refurbished and sold on the market.

The Valley Mortgage Investments Difference

Valley Mortgage Investments services rehab and other hard-money investment loans with broker and portfolio first-trust deeds. We work exclusively with business-purpose loans. Continual line of credit and long-term partnerships are available for clients working with multiple rehab or fix-and-flip properties. We offer bridge loans, using equity in an existing property for collateral, and blanket loans to combine two or more properties on a single hard-money loan. We work exclusively with California properties, and we have the targeted experience you need from an investor. We have an extensive network in the local community, and can connect you with rehab professionals and Realtors to help in your commercial venture.

Begin the Path to Rehab Property Fortune Today

If you are looking to purchase rehab property in San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Fresno, or surrounding areas, contact Valley Mortgage Investments today. We want to build a partnership with you in the real estate investment business. Contact us with questions about rehab loans and to schedule a consultation with a fast quote and no up-front fees today.